Features & Benefits

Learn about all the state-of-the-art features SkyLINK offers and how they can benefit you.

SkyLINK vehicle recovery solutions are loaded with powerful features that use the latest communication technologies available and backed up with first-class customer support available 24/7/365 for unrivaled vehicle protection and true peace of mind.

24/7 Theft Protection
We know that auto theft can happen at any time and when it does SkyLINK advisors are just a phone call away. As soon as your vehicle goes missing, SkyLINK advisors coordinate with law enforcement agencies providing essential SkyLINK vehicle location and route tracking intelligence. Our advisors are ready to assist in finding your vehicle on holidays, weekends or at any other time, because thieves don’t work regular hours.
GPS/Cellular Technology
The SkyLINK Global Positioning (GPS) and cellular communications module discretely installed in your vehicle, is in constant contact with SkyLINK cloud servers providing law enforcement with up-to-the-minute, actionable intelligence necessary to track, locate, and recover your vehicle (it’s even able to penetrate concrete or steel structures). By empowering law enforcement agencies across the nation with real-time locator intelligence, SkyLINK services are essential in the successful recovery of your vehicle, before it is stripped down or moved outside the country.
No Subscription Fees
SkyLINK vehicle locator service belongs to you, for as long as you own your vehicle, with no strings attached. Benefit in the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is always safe and secure with SkyLINK, without having to pay monthly or yearly “upkeep” fees. No locator fees, No tracking fees, No service fees, No hidden fees, guaranteed.
Fully Transferable
When you decide to sell your vehicle, just let your SkyLINK advisor know and we’ll transfer the same unlimited SkyLINK vehicle protection to the new owner, for a nominal transfer fee. Add value and sales appeal to your vehicle with fully transferrable SkyLINK services and let your vehicle’s new owner enjoy the peace of mind, reliability, trustworthiness of SkyLINK vehicle protection.
Coast-to-Coast Coverage
SkyLINK offers virtually 100% vehicle tracking and locator coverage within the continental USA. Employing comprehensive coverage maps and advanced cellular communication technologies able to penetrate concrete and steel structure, there is virtually nowhere your vehicle can’t be found. Wide geographical coverage is key to finding your vehicle fast, and compared to the competition, SkyLINK coverage networks span practically the entire lower 48 states, greatly improving the chance of recovering your vehicle quickly and intact.
Optional Coverage
The SkyLINK Enhanced Protection Guarantee ranks one of the finest available in the industry today and one that speaks volumes about our confidence in SkyLINK and its powerful vehicle recovery capabilities. SkyLINK Enhanced Protection covers your vehicle from day one, and if it’s ever stolen, SkyLINK will locate it and work with local law enforcement to return it to you quickly and in one piece, guaranteed. Talk to your authorized SkyLINK dealer about this optional protection.

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