SkyLINK PowerSport

When your rental vehicle goes out the door, get it back for sure, with SkyLINK PowerSport.

SkyLINK PowerSport: The Next Generation in PowerSport Theft Recovery.

Performance and Results! That’s what makes your power sport vehicle experience outstanding. These are precisely the same qualities needed in a theft recovery solution. SkyLINK PowerSport is serious about protecting your sport vehicles by providing outstanding durability, great benefits and all those little extra features that put it in a class above the rest.


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    Event-driven alerts, straight to you in real-time

    SkyLINK PowerSport continually monitors vehicle parameters, automatically generating text or email alert notifications when various conditions are met. Tailor custom events to your needs, such as speed limits, or use built-in events that run in the background keeping you updated when your SkyLINK PowerSport system is low on battery.

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    Set geographical boundaries and improve location awareness with SkyLINK PowerSport geofence

    A geofence is a powerful, effective way to promote location awareness safety while keeping tabs on your power sport vehicle’s location, when it leaves the area. Configuring a geofence area alert is easy, immediately notifying you, via text or email that your vehicle has moved or is outside pre-defined boundaries.

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    GPS Monitoring

    Our nationwide and local GPS cellular networks have you covered

    SkyLINK PowerSport vehicle recovery empowers local law enforcement with real-time locator intelligence enabling them to quickly find your vehicle before loaded and transported. The discretely mounted, compact GPS cellular module installed in your vehicle provides law enforcement with all the information necessary to locate, track, and recover your power sport vehicle fast.

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    24/7 Theft Protection

    Get your power sport vehicle back fast with SkyLINK PowerSport

    Power sport rental vehicles are tempting targets and when they go missing, SkyLINK PowerSport advisors are just a phone call away. As soon as you report your vehicle missing, our advisors coordinate with local law enforcement agencies providing essential location and route tracking intelligence. Our advisors are ready to assist in finding your vehicle during high rental times including holidays and weekends, because thieves don’t work regular hours.

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    Get more than a snapshot but a detailed vehicle location history

    SkyLINK PowerSport provides you with detailed history reporting on locations, trips, and geofence or speed violations. Conveniently sort history details by any metric including age or date range to generate perfectly formatted reports that can be easily exported, displayed or printed.


Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use, it’s That Simple

Access all the powerful features of SkyLINK PowerSport straight from your internet browser or mobile device and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing where your power sport rentals are at any time. An ergonomically designed dashboard displays your vehicle’s precise geo-location in real-time, rendered on a clear interactive street map. The dashboard also includes up-to-the-minute vehicle monitoring, alert notifications and other useful vehicle data, presented in feature rich user interface engineered from the ground up to be simple and friendly.

Minimalist design, Maximum Features

The SkyLINK PowerSport communication module has been down-sized. Our engineers have done more with less, to create a small-footprint solution that is discrete, compact and super energy efficient (drawing a meager 4mA), without compromising any features.

SkyLINK PowerSport goes wherever your Sports Vehicle does

The SkyLINK PowerSport communication module is built to withstand a wide range of hostile conditions. Built using tough weather proof materials, the SkyLINK PowerSport module is engineered to resist physical shocks, water penetration, constant vibrations and extreme temperatures, to provide years of dependable use.