SkyLINK Protect

Keeping your family safe is paramount. Do you know where your family is?

SkyLINK Protect: The Next Generation of Family Protection.

SkyLINK Protect expands the capabilities of SkyLINK providing powerful tools designed specifically to keep your family safe behind the wheel. Real-time vehicle monitoring combined with customizable event-driven alerts and configurable geofence boundaries, all conveniently accessible from your mobile device or computer.


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    GPS Monitoring

    GPS monitoring in real-time, all-the-time, nationwide.

    SkyLINK Protect combines powerful satellite GPS and terrestrial networks to precisely monitor and communicate your vehicle’s whereabouts and status to you. Now you can keep tabs on where your vehicle is in real-time, virtually anywhere nationwide, 24-hours a day 356 days per year.

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    Don’t stay glued to the screen, We’ll alert you.

    SkyLINK Protect advanced event-driven alerts are automatically generated when certain conditions are met. Speeding can have dangerous and potentially costly consequences. Setting a “safe” speed limit alert notification is an easy way to keep tabs on your vehicle when it exceeds pre-defined safe speed.

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    When they cross the line, you’ll know with GeoFence.

    A geofence is a powerful and effective way to define a virtual geographic boundary your vehicle should not cross. Configuring a geofence area alert is easy. As soon as you vehicle exits or enters the boundary, you’ll automatically receive a text or email alert notification.


Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use, It’s That Simple

Access all the powerful features of SkyLINK Protect straight from your internet browser or mobile device. An ergonomically designed dashboard displays your vehicle’s precise geo-location in real-time, rendered on a clear interactive street map. The dashboard also includes up-to-the-minute vehicle monitoring, alert notifications and other useful vehicle data, presented in feature rich user interface engineered from the ground up to be simple and friendly.

Know Where Your Family Is With SkyLINK Protect

SkyLINK Protect provides powerful monitoring and notification tools that keep your family safe behind the wheel. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of knowing where your family is when-ever and where-ever you like.

So Discrete, You’ll Never Know It’s There

We’ve listened. SkyLINK Protect has been newly engineered around your needs. Durable and reliable, the small footprint design of the SkyLINK Protect module allows it to be easily installed, out of sight and mind, yet without compromising any of the powerful features and benefits you’ve come to rely on.